BI-CAP’s Supportive Housing Program consists of over a dozen different programs utilizing a variety of funding sources including HUD, MN Housing, and DHS. Supportive Housing services range from one-time assistance to on-going case management and rental subsidies. BI-CAP places emphasis on homeless prevention, which is a more effective and efficient resolution to stabilizing households. When prevention is not possible, BI-CAP utilizes the “housing first” strategy of rapidly re-housing participants to mitigate crisis situations and then provides support services to assist participants as they work on housing stability and self-sufficiency goals.

Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

RAP is a rental assistance program funded by MN Housing. BI-CAP administers the subsidy program for 30 families in Beltrami and Cass Counties. Participating families are assisted with a subsidy of up to $400 per month to help make housing affordable for up to 60 months.

Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP)

FHPAP is designed to provide direct service assistance to prevent homelessness and to move homeless families into stable housing. This program, funded through MN Housing, is available in Cass and Beltrami Counties.

Transitional Housing

BI-CAP owns and/or manages 10 scattered-site transitional housing units throughout Beltrami and Cass Counties. Transitional housing is interim shelter between homelessness and permanent housing for families with children. Utilizing the home visiting model, housing specialists and families work together to overcome barriers, develop skills, and create a permanent housing plan.

Beltrami County Housing Locator Program

The Housing Locator program works with Serious Mentally Ill individuals who are referred by Beltrami County caseworkers. The Housing Locator works closely with participants to secure housing and assists the client to locate units and work with landlords.

Emergency Solutions Grant-Rapid Rehousing (ESG-RR)

A program funded through MN Department of Human Services designed to get people into housing as soon as possible with minimal time spent homeless. The program provides for short to medium term rental assistance and accompanying case management to address barriers, identify goals and work toward housing stability. Available to those at or below 30% Area Median Income. Tenants must pay 30% of their income toward rent.

HUD Cass County Scattered-Site Rapid Rehousing

Available for homeless families and individuals. Participants in this program find affordable units on the open market and pay 30% of their income towards rent. Services include case management for up to 24 months to address barriers to housing stability.

DHS Long Term Homeless Services Grant

BI-CAP is one of six partners (five Community Action Agencies, and Evergreen Youth & Family Services) implementing the DHS Service Grant. Service dollars are available to households who are experiencing long-term homelessness by MN State definition. To qualify, participants must have experienced one year of consecutive homelessness or have experienced four episodes of homelessness in three years. This program is available in Cass and Beltrami Counties and is funded by the State Department of Human Services (DHS).

Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance Program

Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance is accessible to clients who appear as High Priority Homeless on the Coordinated Entry Priority List. The program provides a rental subsidy based on income for up to 60 months. The program is available in Cass and Beltrami Counties and is funded by MN Housing.

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Permanent Supportive Housing serves homeless individuals with a documented disability. Participants receive a rental subsidy and accompanying support services. PSH is offered in both Beltrami and Cass Counties.

Homework Starts with Home (HSWH)

Rental assistance and supportive services for homeless families with school-age children, Pre-K to 12th Grade, and unaccompanied youth in Beltrami County.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

BI-CAP is a SNAP Outreach site to provide information regarding SNAP benefits and assist applicants to apply for food support.

Contact Information

To request housing assistance, please call to make an appointment: 

Beltrami County: (218) 751-4631 or (800) 332-7161
Cass County: (218) 547-3438 or (800) 332-7135

Beltrami County Housing Triage Hours

Mornings: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or Afternoons: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Walk-ins only; first come, first served.

Cass County Housing Intakes

By appointment only
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Call for appointment (218) 547-3438 or (800) 332-7135