Scotty Allison

Chair – Executive Ad-hoc on all committees March 2014

Representing Beltrami County  Board of Commissioners – Public Sector

Scotty Allison was born in Dunoon, Scotland, and moved to the United States when he was twelve.  He graduated from Zaragoza High School, Zaragoza, Spain, in 1975.

Scotty served in the United States Navy for three years and as a Soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve in Minnesota for two years.  He entered active duty in the United States Army upon graduation from Bemidji State University in 1982, at which time he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.  He retired from the Army in 2010.

COL (RET) Scotty Allison holds a Masters Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Masters Degree in National Resources Strategy from the National Defense University, Washington D.C.

His current job, since 2012, is as Beltrami County Veterans Service Officer.  He is married and has two children.

Reed Olson

Vice Chair – Executive Committee, Governance Committee – February 2017

Representing Beltrami County Board of Commissioners – Public Sector

JoDee Treat

Board Treasurer – Executive Committee, Finance Committee – Chair – July 2014

Representing Beltrami County Commissioners – Public Sector

Ashley Charwood

Secretary – Executive Committee, Governance Committee – Chair (5-2006 to 6-2007)  March 2015

Representing Groups to be Served – Beltrami County – Consumer Sector

Scott Wilson

Planning & Evaluation Committee – April 2014

Representing Cass County  HRA – Public Sector

Rebecca Stone

Governance Committee – July 2016

Representing Beltrami County  Legal Services of Northwest MN – Private Sector

Rebecca Stone has been on the BI-CAP Board since July 2016.  She is a staff attorney with legal services of Northwest Minnesota serving low-income individuals in 22 Minnesota counties.  Rebecca is passionate about the mission of BI-CAP and service to the community.

Margaret Kinder

Personnel Committee – Co-Chair – November 2016

Representing Head Start Programs – Consumer Sector

Pam St. Pierre

Personnel Committee – Co-Chair – March 2017

Representing Beltrami County – Private Sector

Pam has completed over 30 years in the helping profession, including: ICWA SPECIALIST GUARDIAN AD LITEM IN HENNIPIN COUNTY; Patient Advocate position created for Native American community clinic in Minneapolis; Child welfare case manager (tribal); kinship worker and liaison for the director of tribal program regarding child welfare cases that were not on the reservation; behind the wheel instructor (metro); created and owned a house cleaning business, dairy and beef farmer, employment services manager, rented and operated a resort that included a bar and restaurant.  I am married, we have our own trucking small business.  I have one daughter, two step sons and 3 perfect grandchildren.

Theresa Eclov

Planning & Evaluation Committee – Chair – April 2017

Representing Cass County – Private Sector

Kathryn Smith

Governance Committee – December 2017

Representing Beltrami County – Private Sector

Chris Walters

Personnel Committee – April 2018

Representing Beltrami County – Consumer Sector

Colleen Moravek

Planning & Evaluation Committee – April 2018

Representing Cass County – Public Sector

Corrina Spears

October 2018

Representing Head Start Program – Consumer Sector

Joel Anastasio

November 2018

Representing Beltrami County – Private Sector

Jessie Grant

February 2019

Representing Groups to be Served – Public Sector