Rebecca Stone

Chair – Executive Ad-hoc on all committees – July 2016

Representing Beltrami County  Legal Services of Northwest MN – Private Sector

Rebecca Stone has been on the BI-CAP Board since July 2016.  She is a staff attorney with legal services of Northwest Minnesota serving low-income individuals in 22 Minnesota counties.  Rebecca is passionate about the mission of BI-CAP and service to the community.

Reed Olson

Vice Chair – Executive Committee, Governance Committee, Facilities (Adhoc) Committee – February 2017

Representing Beltrami County Board of Commissioners – Public Sector

Colleen Moravek

Secretary – Executive Committee, Planning & Evaluation Committee, Facilities (Adhoc) Committee – April 2018

Representing Cass County – Public Sector

Nicole McKinnon

Treasurer – Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Facilities (Adhoc) Committee – October 2019

Representing Beltrami County – Private Sector

Margaret Kinder

Personnel Committee – Co-Chair – November 2016

Representing Head Start Programs – Consumer Sector

Pam St. Pierre

Personnel Committee – Co-Chair – March 2017

Representing Beltrami County – Private Sector

Pam has completed over 30 years in the helping profession, including: ICWA SPECIALIST GUARDIAN AD LITEM IN HENNIPIN COUNTY; Patient Advocate position created for Native American community clinic in Minneapolis; Child welfare case manager (tribal); kinship worker and liaison for the director of tribal program regarding child welfare cases that were not on the reservation; behind the wheel instructor (metro); created and owned a house cleaning business, dairy and beef farmer, employment services manager, rented and operated a resort that included a bar and restaurant.  I am married, we have our own trucking small business.  I have one daughter, two step sons and 3 perfect grandchildren.

Theresa Eclov

Planning & Evaluation Committee – Chair – April 2017

Representing Cass County – Private Sector

Kathryn Smith

Governance Committee – December 2017

Representing Beltrami County – Private Sector

Chris Walters

Personnel Committee – April 2018

Representing Beltrami County – Consumer Sector

Linda Tran

Personnel Committee – September 2019

Representing Beltrami County – Public Sector

Debra Halver

Planning & Evaluation Committee – October 2019

Representing Cass County – Consumer Sector

Antonio Franklin Jr.

Planning & Evaluation Committee  – October 2020

Representing Beltrami County – Consumer Sector

Sandy Miller

  – December 2020

Representing Beltrami County Head Start Policy Council – Consumer Sector

Scott Bruns

Finance Committee – December 2020

Representing Cass County – Public Sector

Dr. David Frison III

 – December 2020

Representing Beltrami County – Public Sector

Tim Sumner

 – (3-2013 to 1-2017) December 2020

Representing Beltrami County – Public Sector